Kroger to Hire 14,000 Temporary Holiday Workers

We are all looking for ways to make a little extra cash, especially with the holidays coming up so very quickly. Maybe you already have a job but you need to add in a little extra income. Or, you might be searching for a full-time position because you have been out of work for too long. Whatever the reason, consider applying at your local Kroger company for the holidays. You could score a job with the company that could last for even longer than the holidays! Best of all, you’ll be working with a company that truly cares for their employees. 


Busy Holiday Equals Busy Store


We bet you have noticed the increase in shoppers as the holidays approach. Everyone needs extra groceries to cook holiday meals for their friends and family. Churches and businesses are starting to plan their holiday festivities. The grocery store is probably packed whenever you go! All of the busy customers headed out to buy fresh turkeys, eggnog, pumpkin pies, and dessert ingredients will definitely need more customer service to accommodate them. That is when a retail job can come in handy!


In order to meet the greater demand that the holidays bring, The Kroger Co. has put out a hiring call. They plan to hire around 14,000 part-time holiday workers for the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. This call is according to the company press release Kroger Co. put out recently. At the moment there are stores in 35 states around the country as well as the District of Columbia that are open and in need of new hires. They also operate multiple stores that are found under the company’s banner. These stores include Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, Roundy’s, and QFC. With all of these stores catering to holiday shoppers, it is no wonder they are searching for additional help for the bust season!


A Large Variety of Available Positions


Applicants can choose to apply for many different positions with the company for the holidays. As one example, a Fred Meyer store offered multiple positions for their store in Portland, Oregon. There are openings for the following positions: general merchandise clerks, electronics clerks, apparel clerks, parcel workers, cashiers, bakery clerks, meat clerks, deli clerks, grocery clerks and produce clerks. That’s a lot of positions! What an easy way to pay your monthly bills while being able to put aside cash for the holidays.


Various Job Duties


While there are a plethora of job positions available, the job duties will vary depending on the actual job.


If you would like to be hired as a grocery clerk, read up on the expectations set forth by the company. A store in Marietta, Georgia recently posted that they are looking for a grocery clerk for their location and that the workers there will be required to perform the following duties:


• Offer outstanding and helpful customer service to all shoppers

• Keep the store as clean and safe as possible

• Help the company meet their sales and profit goals while on the clock

• Ensure that all products being sold are up-to-date and fresh

• Take inventory of all merchandise

• Label and stock merchandise when necessary


Other Necessary Skills


Working in a grocery store takes a lot of personal skills as you will be constantly dealing with the public. It can be even harder around the holidays when customers can be in a hurry and stressed out. Applicants should possess the skills needed to work with the public. It’s a major plus to have great communication skills when you apply for these types of jobs. It’s also important to have knowledge of basic math skills when you work in a retail setting. But most importantly, applicants should know how to manage stressful situations when they occur. This will help when things get tense during the busy holidays!


Having past experience in retail is also desirable but not necessary. Being proficient in more than one language is also another pleasing attribute. If either of these situations applies to you, be sure to include them on your resume!


Kroger will be a busy store over the holidays as millions of Americans are headed out daily to shop for groceries. Apply today and get started on a well-paying and fulfilling job!